About Us

We are more than just an architecture firm.

We were founded on the belief that homeowners across the U.S. are excluded from realizing their home improvement dreams because of limited access to affordable architecture.

woman architect holding blueprints

Who We Serve

Homeowners, designers, contractors and developers and anyone looking for high quality, value based architecture services.

Our Mission

To provide access to affordable architecture. Period.

How We Began

Six years ago, our founder, Ray Joelson, hired an architect and found the process and pricing confusing and costly. He started EZ Plans so clients like you can experience an efficient, streamlined process from start to completion.

Looking Ahead

We are a professional services company at heart, but are continually developing innovative technologies to deliver outstanding design and customer service.

Executive Team

Ray Joelson
Lesley Joelson
Mark Lefitz
Michael Song